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One Thousand and One Nights

25.11.21 - 28.11.22

Profits generated from sales help fund Cache Studio, a non profit gallery focused on the promotion of local Quebec painters

All my miniature paintings are sent to you in a beautiful custom made box, with a frame and a certificate of authenticity.

On the origin of the work on this website

When I was little, my mother would paint while she kept an eye on my brother and I playing in the yard. Much later, she was stricken with Alzheimer’s, and as the fog oblivion slowly erased her memory, I would sit and draw with her for hours to help her escape the walls of the hospital. She had not been able to recognize me for years, but she could still make out shapes and faces in the mess of lines and colors that gradualy covered the page. Every time it happened she would let out little shrieks of joy, and that made us both very happy.

All the while my studio was filling up with hundreds of little 4 x 6 inch paintings discretely inhabited by crowds. I did not see the relationship then, but I understand now that memory, imagination, and identity are inextricably linked.

Vicariously repopulating my mother’s memories was my way of forging a path for the silent grieving of a loved one who had not yet left.

Now these miniatures have found a new vocation:  they help fund Cache Studio, a project focused on the promotion of talented Montreal painters.

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